Hello world! The challenge has commenced…

My name is Chris Mark and welcome to what is to be the start of my journey to raise $20,000 for charity, cycling 20,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina!

Training has begun!
Training has begun!

I’m doing this in the memory of my sister Laura, who was tragically taken from us in November 2004, whilst cycling home. Her memory lives on strong in all her family and friends she left behind. She was the most positive person and actively raised money for charities during her short life. In 2006, ‘The Laura Hulbert Fund for Wishes 4 Kids’ was set up in her name, and I will be attempting to carry on my sisters good work.

Preparations for this mammoth journey are already well under way, and I invite you to follow me as I physically prepare over the coming months for the challenged ahead. I will be flying to Alaska for September 28th to start the long ride south. Click on the ‘About’ link to learn more and feel free to sponsor a mile today.


8 thoughts on “Hello world! The challenge has commenced…

  1. Fantastic effort Chris and full of admiration for what you are doing. Proud to be able to make a small donation to support your effort. Hope geography at Gutho has been of use on your travels! John Bailey


    1. Cannot thank you enough for your support John (always sounds strange calling teachers by their first names 🙂 ). I appreciate the donation so much and the kind words. Guthlaxton has been so supportive to me as always and you and Mr Birkenshaw can be happy that you both equipped me well for the journey ahead. Hope all is well with you. Look forward to seeing the staff again in September. Till then take care and all the best.


  2. Chris,
    What a intrepid explorer!
    A true member of the rugby community – extreme good luck on your challenge.
    Best Wishes
    Phil, Linda, Mark, Kay (and new addition grandson Rafe)and Helen Lord


  3. Just saw you on TV. Wishing you the best. A friend of mine ran around the world. Took him 4 years to complete. One tip… He had business cards translated into different languages asking for a room for the night with locals, thinking of you in Sth Americas. They’d be happy with a few quid and at least you have a roof over the head. He would go into shops and just ask the locals. All the best.


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