230 km down for the week and donation target risen…happy Father’s Day Dad.

A bit of a rest week to recover from the gruelling journey last week saw me cover 150 km’s mid week and an 80 km return journey for a good old fashioned British BBQ, in a tiny corner of Korea.

This weekend saw me take to the coastal road again  to the small Korean town of Okgye, for an evening at the Morfee residence. This time I got to share the road with the ‘lekker’ South African legend of an ‘Oke’, Riaan ‘Braii Master’ Bam. Although not aerodynamically suited to cycling (as he sports a beard of such thickness and stature even Santa Claus would struggle to compete), this man is powered by ‘bill tong’ and ‘boerewors’, and eats up the yards on the tarmac.

The legend himself
The legend himself.
Nice to have share the road with this top okes!
Nice to have share the road with this top okes!

It took less then two hours to cover the 40 km journey. The area surrounding the town is dominated by endless rows of rice paddies set against a backdrop of rolling mountains. The Morfee’s are the towns only foreigners and it’s safe to say this fantastically eccentric, outgoing, bubbly, British couple, would be well known even in a city the size of Seoul. With around 25 foreigners descending on their tiny Korean home, the residents of this sleepy town had probably never seen so many foreigners gracing the deserted streets of downtown Okgye.

Rice, rice and more rice!
Rice, rice and more rice!

 In true British style, the BBQ was set under thick grey sky’s that threatened showers, which thankfully, never came. One lesson I’ve taken from Korea is that one thing essential for any BBQ, is a South African, or even better two, to turn what could be a potential char fest, into a monumentally delicious ‘Braii’. The Braii legends of Riaan and Jacobus set about doing what they do best, and cooked up a cow sized feast, which words alone cannot do justice. Suitably fed and after a few Soju’s later, the garden was turned into a mini Glastonbury and we settled down for the night before the return journey home.

The Saffer's in their element…they didn't move off those chairs for the next 5 hours.
The ‘Saffer’s’ in their element…they didn’t move off those chairs for the next 5 hours.

We began with a detour to what I believe to be the most beautiful stretch of coastline along Korea’s East Coast. With the sun beating down and a British farmer’s tan developing nicely, we cycled the remaining 47 km’s home and to a well earned ice cream next to the sea.

This stretch of coastline was worth the detour.
This stretch of coastline was worth the detour.
Close to home.

Today was an important reminder to everyone across the world of a man in their lives   very close to them. For me, Father’s Day has become a time to reflect on the memory of the best father I could ever have hoped for. This ride and journey is for my sister, but it’s also for my father and brother Jamie, who have also sadly passed over the years. My Dad was a man of few words but he would have been proud of what I’m doing now and prouder still that the money raised is going to his daughters charity, a charity, which would have helped bring happiness to his son all those years ago when he was suffering from his terminal illness at only the age of 5. This challenge is for them and for a good cause. If you want to donate, please follow the link below and sponsor a mile today. The bar has now been risen, and $ have now been turned to £, meaning a new target of £20,000. Please help me reach this target, and give what you can to bring happiness to children suffering. Happy Father’s Day 🙂

Me, the 'Old Man' and the twin.
Me, the ‘Old Man’ and the twin (apologies if the horrific ‘fro’ I’m sporting back in the day offends anyones eyesight).

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