The first sponsors are joining the challenge.

This last week has been incredible for donations and the amount raised so far has been steadily rising. With almost 2000 already and 1000 on the way from an anonymous donor, to be close to 3000 pounds (around $5000) this early on is fantastic news. I cannot thank people enough for the incredible support shown. To anyone who has donated, shared my posts, followed the journey so far and spread the word, I am unbelievably grateful. I cannot express my appreciation enough and all the kind words and gestures have been extremely humbling. Please know that any help, in whatever form, is going towards bringing happiness to children who desperately need it

Now that word is beginning to spread, sponsors are beginning to take interest and I was so pleased to receive an email from a friend I met in South Korea asking if his company could get involved. Those at ‘Marron Lawyers’ were touched by the story and donated $250 to the cause and offered accommodation should I ever be within the area. The owner of the company is a keen cyclist himself and the story behind the challenge moved him. Since then another donation of a 1000 pounds has been anonymously donated from a UK company. Businesses have not even been contacted yet for sponsorship, so all of this is great news for the charity and reaching that big target.


My amazing support team is beginning the process of contacting businesses and trying to drum up support and donations. If anyone knows of any businesses that may be interested in supporting the challenge, whether it be through donations to the charity or through kit sponsorship, spread the word about the challenge and the story behind it. Any businesses willing to donate 100 pounds or more will be guaranteed advertising space on the ‘Sponsor’s’ page at A 1000 pounds or more will guarantee a prominent position on the page and as many mentions as possible in future posts and events. Whilst can hardly boast record breaking viewing figures or lucrative sponsorship opportunities, the sight is becoming more popular with over 1500 visitors now in the last three weeks. I’m guessing those at Google won’t exactly be blown away by those numbers, but it’s enough to make it worthwhile for any business to consider supporting the challenge. This week saw a local newspaper produce a two-page feature on the journey, with hopefully, more media attention to follow. Although this challenge is small now, in time and with everybody’s help and support, we can make it far bigger, which will only further serve the interests of any potential sponsors and crucially, result in more money donated to a great cause.


If you didn’t catch the feature this week, check out the online version at  Milesforamemory now has an Instagram account and Twitter feed, with a Facebook account also currently under construction. Those who know me well know that till last week I didn’t even know that ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’ existed, so please bear with me (had some enthusiastic help with the hash tags after yesterday’s ride)! Please follow, like and share these posts and spread the word. I’ll try my best not to bore you all and to make them as entertaining as possible.

Laura would be proud of all the effort that's gone in so far.
Laura would be proud of all the effort that’s gone in so far.

All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to everyone for all the help and support I’ve received over the last few weeks. It’s been incredible to read all the messages of support and so nice to know how well received the challenge has been. Please keep up the amazing support, spread the word, and sponsor a mile for a wonderful cause.



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